Financial supervision aspects regarding surveillance of the insurance market - Cătălin Goia

Author: Cătălin Goia
Vol. 3 • No. 4 • May 2018


As long as the volatile economic terms blend with a constantly changing competitive environment, the financial services will be at a crossroads and the future of a large number of companies will be uncertain. The lack of an adequate financial supervision can lead to a financial disaster, as the one from 2007 till 2008 which started a global, unprecedented, systematic, profound, lasting crisis and nevertheless it has revealed significant gaps inside the control and supervision of the financial services on national and international level

This article wishes to present the financial supervision terms and the systemic risk through a systematic integration analysis of the scientific specialized literature without forgetting the latest information provided by the supervisors.

Keywords: non-banking, risk management, solvency, financial supervision, systemic risk

JEL Classification:: G22