Acasa / Review of Financial Studies – Volume 4, no. 7/2019

Review of Financial Studies – Volume 4, no. 7/2019

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Review of Financial Studies

Title page

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 Editorial Board

Editorial Board

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The Financial Stability Index estimated by the Institute of Financial Studies

Abstract Article

Page 148-159

“Vitality” insurance – Argument for the implementation in Romania of the vitality insurance products range

Cristian Roşu, Adrian Marin, Ion Alexandru Stancu and Alexandra Guzun

Abstract Article

Page 160-175

About the Real Value of Knowledge, Intellectual Capital and Resilience in the New Cognition Economy

Călin Mihai Rangu

Abstract Article

Page 176-194

Behavioral finances: in some circumstances financial markets may provide informational inefficiencies and due to the influence of psychological factors. Controversies, studies, statistical aspects

Rodica Voloh

Abstract Article

Page 195-204

Cyber Crime – challenges and evolution

Mircea Constantin Șcheau

Abstract Article

Page 205-220

Study on correlation between stock market performance and economic growth

Claudia Gabriela Bîzderea

Abstract Article

Page 221-237

Stock portfolio optimization on the capital market

Adrian-Nicolae Căpățînă

Abstract Article

Page 238-242

A new theory, adapted to today’s financial markets – The theory of adaptive markets

Adrian Mitroi

Abstract Article

Page 243-251

Approaches of consumer protection in non-banking financial services

Călin Mihai Rangu

Abstract Article

Page 252-255

Management of the investor’s individual portfolio under the specific conditions of the Romanian markets

Dorin Alexandru Badea

Abstract Article

Page 256-259

Book review: Thinking, fast and slow

Ion Stancu și Adrian Mitroi






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