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Review of Financial Studies – Volume 1, nr. 1/2016

ISSN print:2537-3714 ISSN online:2559-1347

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Page 1 – 1

Review of Financial Studies

Title page

Page 2 – 2

Editorial Board

Editorial Board

Page 3 – 3



Page 4 – 4

RFS – an appropriate financial education framework

Mișu Negrițoiu


Page 5 – 6

ISF or what professionalism means

Cornel Coca-Constantinescu


Page 7 – 8

RSF at the beginning

Ion Stancu


Page 9 – 13

Financial Stability Index estimated by the Institute of Financial Studies

Ion Stancu and Iulian Panait


Page 15 – 30
On approximating the ruin probability when claim severity distribution is lognormal

Simona-Mihaela Iftimie (Chiru)

Abstract | Article

Page 31 – 39
Solvency of insurance companies: tests and forecast

Cătălin Goia

Abstract | Article

Page 40 – 50
Efficient portfolio selection using higher order moments of the shares’ distribution

Mircea Bahna and Cosmin-Octavian Cepoi

Abstract | Article

Page 51 – 63
Romania banking structure in the current economic and financial context

Rodica Oana Ioniță and Ion Stancu

Abstract | Article

Page 64 – 67

The Potential effects of unconventional monetary policies on non-banking financial markets

Adrian T. Mitroi and Iulian Panait


Page 68 – 76
The new financial products traded on the Forex market
and their impact

Laurențiu Paul Barangă


Page 77 – 79

Microeconomy in (micro)synthesis

Adrian T. Mitroi




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