Acasa / Review of Financial Studies – Volume 4, no. 6/2019

Review of Financial Studies – Volume 4, no. 6/2019

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Review of Financial Studies

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 Editorial Board

Editorial Board

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The Financial Stability Index estimated by the Institute of Financial Studies

Abstract Article

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Cyber-risk insurance — a big challenge facing contemporary economies

Leonardo Badea, Calin Mihai Rangu

Abstract Article

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Corporate Governance disclosure and implication in the financial audit of banks in Romania

Andreea Claudia Crucean

Abstract Article

Page 52-69

Projections on the sustainability of the pension system in Romania

Ion Stancu, Dragoș Hașeganu and Alexandra Darmaz-Guzun

Abstract Article

Page 70-84

International solutions for management of natural catastrophes risks

Nicoleta Radu and Laura Elly Naghi

Abstract Article

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The differences of corporate governance influence on state-owned enterprise and non-state-owned entrerprise’s performance: the case of Indonesia

Irine Herdjiono

Abstract Article

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A comparative analysis of the criteria for evaluating projects funded from structural funds from a risk management perspective

Ciprian Nicolae

Abstract Article

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A brief incursion into the megatendings that will shape the world of insurance

Adrian Marin

Abstract Article

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Local Central Counterparty

Laurentiu Paul Baranga

Abstract Article

Page 126-133

Some aspects of arbitration as a way of settling insurance disputes

Raul-Felix Hodos and Narcis Pavalascu

Abstract Article

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Book review: Capital in Post-Communist Romania 

Dan Constantinescu






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