Differences and benefits in using a financial consolidation software: CLOUD, LOCAL, SAAS OR PAAS

 Authors: Raluca Andreea Stoica, Alina Gabriela Mareș

Vol. 6 • No. 11 • November 2021


The current national and international economic climate is continually changing, and a company’s ability to adapt its services is critical. As a result, in recent years, the interaction between technology and businesses has grown. It’s crucial to think about how finance adds value to a business as the future of accounting unfolds. The way business and finance functions create value is being profoundly transformed by digital technologies. To develop value, businesses must think and behave differently in the digital age. To emphasize the merits of each platform, we offered numerous types of software and various benefits of using them. This paper will address accountants’ worries about software, such as data security and a lack of features, as well as how the software works and the numerous benefits and drawbacks it has.


Keywords: globalization, consolidation, accounting software, technology, Cloud Computing, Cloud Accounting.

JEL Classification: M40, M41, M48.

DOI: 10.55654/JFS.2021.6.11.10