Principles of communication used in public administration

Authors: George-Alexandru Istrate

Vol. 7 • No. 12 • May 2022


Undoubtedly, internal communication in public administration is the most sought after point of good management practices. The activity of public institutions based on principles such as the principle of face-to-face or online communication, the principle of information, the principle of motivation and the principle of unity of success are an integral part of public administrations. The implemented principles have the role of improving the activities of civil servants, which can increase the level of efficiency. The lack of an efficient communication within the public institution will lead to unproductiveness, misunderstandings, frustrations and non-fulfillment of work tasks, implicitly of the job description. Time, planning work tasks, clear setting of priorities; self-discipline, punctuality, perseverance, are an essential pillar in labor productivity.
This study aims to reflect and understand the nature of communication as an activity and as a process in the context of the present transformations and how important the principles of communication are in the performance of employees.

Keywords: communication, public administration, principles, civil servants.

JEL Classification: C88, D83, L63, L96.

DOI: 10.55654/JFS.2022.7.12.09