Acceptance of new open data technologies in public services

Author: Ioana-Marinela (Gavriluță) Turtă

Vol. 7 • No. 13 • November 2022


Open government data (OGD) contributes to increasing the quality of public services provided by local public administration to citizens. These data create the necessary framework to be able to determine the opportunity of certain public policies or decisions for the life of the local community. The OGD is still being adopted in public sector organizations. Considering that the digitalization of the public services of a city is a topic that occupies an important place on the public agenda, this article presents a review of the literature, a proposed research model and a case study from the city of Iași, Romania. The Local Public Transport Company makes open data available to all interested parties and allows the development of solutions that support urban mobility and the quality of life of citizens.

Keywords: open (government) data, urban mobility, public transport, digitalization, public services.

JEL Classification: O18, O35, R41.

DOI: 10.55654/JFS.2022.7.13.13