Sustainable development goals and the triangle of ESG investments

Authors: Alexandra Maria Bele, Claudia Diana Sabău-Popa, Oana Maria Secară

Vol. 8 • No. 14 • May 2023


The concept of sustainable development has had an enormous effect on the world in recent decades. A company’s economic activities need to be organized in a way that takes into account how they will affect society, the environment, and corporate governance standards (ESG). This is what sustainable development means. One of the key trends in the growth of the international business community has been the ESG approach. Many people assert that the financial sector is the engine that drives behind ESG because of its goals to protect the environment, the general public, and to promote responsible investment. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their recent evolution are explained in this article using a qualitative research methodology. We’ll also demonstrate how the 17 goals are intended to guide society’s cautious development. We will contrast the first 10 sustainability-focused funds available on the market in light of the evidence that financial instruments have emerged on the market to enable businesses to undertake an ESG transformation more easily. At the same time, using the SDG indicators from the European Union, can compare the period before and during COVID 19. In this particular case, the primary focus will be on their contribution to the acceptance of the idea of sustainable development as well as their importance in the development of ESG principles affected by pandemics. The paper concentrates on the dependency between SDGs and ESG in light of the expanding significance of the sustainable development concept.

Keywords: Sustainable development, sustainable funds, ESG investment, SDG.

JEL Classification: G10, Q50.