Fraud related to EU funds. The case of Romania

Authors: Florin Alexandru Roman, Monica Violeta Achim, Robert W. McGee

Vol. 8 • No. 14 • May 2023


According to the latest PIF report on the protection of the financial interests of the European Union, in 2021 Romania reported to the European Commission fraud related to European projects worth 1.4 billion euros. The reported amount is quite impressive as it represents over 80% of the total amounts reported as being fraudulently obtained in 2021 by all member states, making Romania a true performer in this regard at the European level.
Starting from these values, using descriptive statistics, the study analyzes the data reported by Romania in the last ten years, compared to the other EU member states, data extracted from the PIF Reports (2012-2021), trying to verify if Romania’s status as a champion in terms of fraud with European funds is fully deserved or circumstantial.
Although the numbers show that Romania is indeed a performer in this regard, both in terms of value and the number of reported cases, these values must be viewed in context, as they are influenced by a wide series of factors, including reporting errors, the capacity and willingness of member states to detect irregularities, as well as the particularities of the awarding procedures and contracting periods. Also, in the end, the paper presents some recommendations for strengthening efforts to combat the phenomenon of fraud related to EU funds in Romania.

Keywords: Fraud, EU funds, corruption.

JEL Classification:D73, K42.

DOI: 10.55654/JFS.2023.8.14.9