Implications of adopting CLOUD accounting on the quality of information provided by the accounting model

 Author: Mihail Alin Stanciu
 Vol. 6 • No. 10 • May 2021


From accounting model perspective, the information provided contributes to the knowledge of the entity, and determines useful elements in the economic strategy for decision making.
The basis for measuring economic and financial performance at the level of economic entity is represented by the accounting model as a source of specific information. The complex work involved in organizing the accounting model at the level of the economic entity is done in an easy way by choosing one of the many traditional software. The use of a classic accounting software does not imply the use of an internet connection to access the information, the activity taking place offline.
The performance of the accounting model depends directly on the use of an information system that provides useful information to substantiate the decisions taken. Within this system, accounting information occupies the most important share. The accounting model involves a lot of data produced during the activity and before the actual development of the transactions, aiming at directing the commercial activity from the perspective of the economic conjuncture, a special situation being that of the crisis periods.
The purpose of the article is to analyze the technological progress in accounting and its impact on the accounting model.

Keywords: Accounting model, cloud accounting, economic performance, accounting information.

JEL Classification: D83, M41.

DOI: 10.55654/JFS.2021.6.10.09