The influence of financing on results in the pre-university education system

 Authors: Gabriella Szekeres (Vancza), Alina Căldăraru
 Vol. 6 • No. 10 • May 2021


Expenditure on the education system plays a significant role in the economy of the public system. In the accounting of educational institutions, special emphasis is placed on the budgeting process, in which the revenues and expenditures of the entities are found. Despite a large amount of research, specialists do not agree on the role the level of funding plays in the education system and its effect on the results of the final beneficiaries of the system. In this research we tried to observe how the level of funding or average costs per pupil in European education systems influences the results of students in standardized tests. Making an estimate with the help of the linear regression model by the method of the least squares of the correlation between these two variables, we found that there was a positive correlation between them; not exceptionally strong but not negligible either.

Keywords: Public expenditures, public accounting, funding for the education system, costs per student, PISA test.

JEL Classification: H52, H61, H75, I22, M48, P43, P44.

DOI: 10.55654/JFS.2021.6.10.10