Author: Cristian-Dan Biriș

Vol. 9 • Special Issue • 2024


The concept of knowledge economy refers to the ecosystem in which the most used way of growth is directly linked to access to quality information. On the other hand, knowledge management at organizational level prioritizes increasing the value and improving various processes and products at company level by creating new knowledge, absorbing knowledge from the ecosystem, managing it at organizational level and disseminating it. This paper aims to carry out an extensive literature review by explaining the different characteristics of knowledge management oriented enterprise.
Moreover, this study will see the benefits and implications of applying knowledge-based management for facilitating product and process innovation, enhancing human resources management practices, as well as opening new clustering opportunities for a business organization.
The methodology used was based on a comprehensive literature review of articles identified in international databases according to the keywords specified in this paper, while the results of the study are represented by the identification of a potential model for a knowledge management oriented enterprise.

Keywords: Knowledge management enterprise, knowledge based economy, innovation, human resources management, clustering.

JEL Classification: M10, O31, D83.