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Prized articles

  • RSF no.1, Romania banking structure in the current economic and financial context, Rodica Oana Ioniță
  • RSF no. 2, The day of the week effect on the Romanian stock market, Alexandra Gabriela Țițan
  • RSF no.3, Adjusting classical portfolio theories with behavioral practices, Nicu Stanciu
  • RSF no.4, New empirical evidence on E.M.H.: case of developed and emerging markets – a macroeconomic approach, Iuliana Maria Ursu

Review of Financial Studies is edited by the Institute of Financial Studies from 2016. In the review publishes papers developed by professional practitioners, authors of scientific and academic world from our country and from abroad,  and also by young researchers, in relation with topics from the financial area like: insurance and reassurance, capital market, private pensions, but also from the academic and business domains. Review of Financial Studies is structured in two sections: Studies and researches (containing articles of research and various studies) and Opinions (including papers referring to good practices, essays, reviews of economy books related to the financial area.)

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Review of Financial Studies

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Editorial Board

Editorial Board

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The Financial Stability Index estimated by the Institute of Financial Studies

Abstract Article

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“Vitality” insurance – Argument for the implementation in Romania of the vitality insurance products range

Cristian Roşu, Adrian Marin, Ion Alexandru Stancu and Alexandra Guzun

Abstract Article

Page 160-175

About the Real Value of Knowledge, Intellectual Capital and Resilience in the New Cognition Economy

Călin Mihai Rangu

Abstract Article

Page 176-194

Behavioral finances: in some circumstances financial markets may provide informational inefficiencies and due to the influence of psychological factors. Controversies, studies, statistical aspects

Rodica Voloh

Abstract Article

Page 195-204

Cyber Crime – challenges and evolution

Mircea Constantin Șcheau

Abstract Article

Page 205-220

Study on correlation between stock market performance and economic growth

Claudia Gabriela Bîzderea

Abstract Article

Page 221-237

Stock portfolio optimization on the capital market

Adrian-Nicolae Căpățînă

Abstract Article

Page 238-242

A new theory, adapted to today’s financial markets – The theory of adaptive markets

Adrian Mitroi

Abstract Article

Page 243-251

Approaches of consumer protection in non-banking financial services

Călin Mihai Rangu

Abstract Article

Page 252-255

Management of the investor’s individual portfolio under the specific conditions of the Romanian markets

Dorin Alexandru Badea

Abstract Article

Page 256-259

Book review: Thinking, fast and slow

Ion Stancu și Adrian Mitroi



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