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Prized articles

  • RSF no.1, Romania banking structure in the current economic and financial context, Rodica Oana Ioniță
  • RSF no. 2, The day of the week effect on the Romanian stock market, Alexandra Gabriela Țițan
  • RSF no.3, Adjusting classical portfolio theories with behavioral practices, Nicu Stanciu
  • RSF no.4, New empirical evidence on E.M.H.: case of developed and emerging markets – a macroeconomic approach, Iuliana Maria Ursu

Review of Financial Studies is edited by the Institute of Financial Studies from 2016. In the review publishes papers developed by professional practitioners, authors of scientific and academic world from our country and from abroad,  and also by young researchers, in relation with topics from the financial area like: insurance and reassurance, capital market, private pensions, but also from the academic and business domains. Review of Financial Studies is structured in two sections: Studies and researches (containing articles of research and various studies) and Opinions (including papers referring to good practices, essays, reviews of economy books related to the financial area.)

Content RSF no.6/2019:

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Review of Financial Studies

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 Editorial Board

Editorial Board

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The Financial Stability Index estimated by the Institute of Financial Studies

Abstract Article

Page 10-33

Cyber-risk insurance — a big challenge facing contemporary economies

Leonardo Badea, Calin Mihai Rangu

Abstract Article

Page 34-51

Corporate Governance disclosure and implication in the financial audit of banks in Romania

Andreea Claudia Crucean

Abstract Article

Page 52-69

Projections on the sustainability of the pension system in Romania

Ion Stancu, Dragoș Hașeganu and Alexandra Darmaz-Guzun

Abstract Article

Page 70-84

International solutions for management of natural catastrophes risks

Nicoleta Radu and Laura Elly Naghi

Abstract Article

Page 85-96

The differences of corporate governance influence on state-owned enterprise and non-state-owned entrerprise’s performance: the case of Indonesia

Irine Herdjiono

Abstract Article

Page 97-115 A comparative analysis of the criteria for evaluating projects funded from structural funds from a risk management perspective

Ciprian Nicolae

Abstract Article

Page 116-118

A brief incursion into the megatendings that will shape the world of insurance

Adrian Marin

Abstract Article

Page 119-125

Local Central Counterparty

Laurentiu Paul Baranga

Abstract Article

Page 126-133

Some aspects of arbitration as a way of settling insurance disputes

Raul-Felix Hodos and Narcis Pavalascu

Abstract Article

Page 134-137

Book review: Capital in Post-Communist Romania 

Dan Constantinescu




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