The Journal of Financial Studies has been published by the Institute of Financial Studies since 2016. In its pages, works by professional practitioners, but also by authors from the scientific and university world in the country and abroad, as well as young researchers, will be published, concerning issues in the financial field such as: insurance-reinsurance, capital market, private pensions but also in other fields such as the academic field, the business field etc.

The Journal of Financial Studies is structured in two sections: Studies and research (with research articles and various studies in the field) and Opinions (where there will be materials on good practice, essays, economic book reviews in the financial field, personalities in the field etc.

The magazine is published biannually, in May and November, respectively. For the May issue, the manuscripts must be submitted by March 31, and for the November issue, by September 30.

The studies are published following a peer review procedure and are free of charge.


The articles shall be sent to the secretariat of the journal

E-mail: revista@isfin.ro

Research fields:

⦁ insurance-reinsurance, capital market, private pensions, banking field;
⦁ corporate governance;
⦁ accounting and audit;
⦁ general management and marketing;
⦁ the field of business related or with implications in the financial environment;
⦁ macro and microeconomics, national and international economic policy, relevant to the financial field;
⦁ financial and operational risk management;
⦁ management of operational risks generated by information systems;
⦁ management of systemic phenomena on the financial system;
⦁ management of crisis on the financial system;
⦁ the behavior of the consumer of financial services;
⦁ other areas of research in the financial field.