The purpose of the Journal of Financial Studies is to promote the debate and research of financial phenomena with a significant impact on economic reality, on the governance of financial institutions and on the beneficiaries of financial services. Its purpose is also to promote the exchange of experience between researchers in Romania and between them and those in the international financial services community. The journal will provide professional support for all those conducting scientific research in the financial field and will encourage scientific debate, free exchange of ideas, and the transfer of good practices.

The journal encourages and promotes original scientific research, applicability and impact studies of institutional and entrepreneurial decisions.


 The Journal of Financial Studies aims for:

  • promoting interdisciplinary research in the field of capital markets, insurance, private pensions and their integration in the European requirements of transparency and consumer protection;
  • transfer of best practices in the fields of economic and financial interest, between national and international institutions;
  • beneficial connection between the business environment and that of academia, university, respectively, encouraging young researchers to have an active exchange of ideas;
  • the insertion in the broad financial education of the innovative knowledge, of the modern methods and techniques of trading, of the risk management, of the security of the transactions, etc.

The journal provides researchers with an open framework for scientific dialogue, mutually beneficial, free flow of ideas and exchange of experience.