Solvency of insurance companies: tests and forecast -Cătălin Goia

Author: Cătălin Goia
Vol. 1 • No. 1 • November 2016


Solvency II Directive represents the first strategic project which will help determine the solvency local of the all insurance companies and entities in the European and the implementation of this directive will have a major influence on addressing risk, mix of business, pricing, over all operational processes of the insurance industry. The Solvency II will lead to a new approach to the surveillance and this will be based on economic principles for measuring assets and liabilities, and will consider all risks to which they expose the company, using common principles on which is determined the capital. Through this article we try to analyze the way that combines Solvency II aims for a healthy insurance industry and how benefits this field by creating a legal framework which reflects economic principles.

Keywords: Insurance; Test; Solvency II; Risk; Capital requirements; Gross written premiums

JEL Classification:: G22