Improving public sector performance: the power of implementing corporate governance

Authors: Daniela Corina Oprea (Bîrlă), Cristina-Elena Voicu, Komalpreet Kaur

Vol. 8 • No. 14 • May 2023


The concept of corporate governance of public entities is evolving. Corporate governance in public institutions, as a method of management and control, requires clear rules and principles of integrity, transparency and accountability, well-defined risk management and control mechanisms, elements that are essential for achieving public entities’ goal, which means meeting public needs.
Corporate governance is a process through which management monitors and maintains a corporation’s compliance with laws and regulations. Is it necessary to use corporate governance in public entities? Can it reduce expenditure or budget deficits, ensuring an efficient use of public funds? Can it eliminate corruption and improve the performance of public entities?
The purpose of this study is to carry out an academic analysis of the evolution of the corporate governance in public entities and to highlight its effectiveness, through principles that encourage better decision-making and resource efficiency. The applied methodology involves focusing on the in-depth study of the subject using the analytical method. Moreover, the study draws comparisons of different models on the aspects researched, using comparative analysis. In conclusion, good corporate governance is essential for any organization to ensure the sustainability of its resources and operations, with a direct effect on the entity’s performance.

Keywords: Corporate governance, public sector, public entities, performance.

JEL Classification: G34, H83, L32, M48.

DOI: 10.55654/JFS.2023.8.14.7