Authors: Ioana Marinela (Gavriluță) Turtă, Maria-Simona Cuciureanu, Grigore Nepotu

Vol. 8 • Special Issue • June 2023


Sustainability is an important topic addressed and promoted by the European Union among its member states. Thus, environmental policies in the European Union are correlated with global problems and solutions are constantly sought to reduce the negative effects in society. Sustainable development has two important crises in the foreground, climate and biodiversity, but the measures to reduce their effects are for various fields and the development of a green economy is supported.
The study aims to highlight that projects are being developed at the level of the city of Iași, either by accessing non-reimbursable funds or through private partnerships, which aim to develop the city of Iași as a Smart City. In the same development as Smart City determines a sustainable development, because projects are implemented in the field of public transport, by introducing new means of transport (trams, buses) whose main purpose is to reduce pollution. The opportunity to access European funds helps urban administrations develop sustainably and, in this way, aspire to become a Smart City. At the European level, there are instruments that promote the development of smart cities (non-reimbursable European funds, the European Ecological Pact, Agenda 2030), which facilitates an integrated sustainable development. This paper will use centralized information from the websites,, and, which will analyze and highlight the projects, which have been implemented or are being implemented by the local public authority of Iasi for the development of Smart City.

Keywords: sustainable development, smart cities, projects, European Union

JEL Classification:H83, R51.

DOI: 10.55654/JFS.2023.SP.13