Analysis of funding alternatives through financial technology services – Fintech – teh phenomenon of crowdfunding - Bîzderea Claudia Gabriela

 Author: Bîzderea Claudia Gabriela
 Vol. 2 • No. 3 • November 2017


We pursue to understand and discover to which direction the gobal economy is heading, developments and innovations from the FinTech domain, concidering that virtual environment has become a safe and easy way to make all payments, transactions, loans and, particularly, sales of products and services. It is extraordinary how, in a very short period of time, capital has been obtained for various investments through a platform that brings together many innovative ideas, which play an important role in society, leading to the development and simplification of economic processes.

This writing contains a brief overview of financial technology services. I have been pursuing the main objectives of this field, presenting them in a generalized way. During the documentary work I indentified a considerable number of documents on this subject, having to sort them on subjective criteria.

 I further developed the notion of crowdfunding, analysing the results of an on-line questonnaire, on the activities of two platforms: Indiegogo and Kickstarter. These platforms are internationally active and have been an effective solution in the last few years to raise funds for the implementation of innovative ideas for some people with potential, which will help us to synthesize the motivations of the supportive projects that have developed by obtaining the necessary capital using crowdfunding site.

Keywords: global economy, FinTech, financial technology services, investments, crowdfunding.

JEL Classification:: G23, F63