Foreign Direct Investment in the Economy of the Republic of Moldova - Camelia Ivan

 Author: Camelia – Elena Ivan
Vol. 3 • No. 5 • November 2018


The European Union aims through the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and the Eastern Partnership (PtE) to develop close relations with the countries in its eastern neighbourhood. In this paper I analysed the impact of the implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy/ Eastern Partnership on the attraction of foreign direct investments in the Republic of Moldova.

 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is one of the main engines of economic growth. For the Republic of Moldova, the implementation of ENP / PtE has led to the alignment of legislation with that of the European Union and has been an important step in attracting FDI. Also, the creation of the Free Economic Zones represented for the Moldovan economy the opportunity to attract investors and the development of the industrial branch, which generated the creation of better paid jobs, thus contributing to the increase of the living standards of the population of the Republic of Moldova.

Keywords: foreign direct investment, economic development, jobs

JEL Classification:: J51, L51, P25