Is price the main motivation for buying general insurances in Romania? Comparative study 2014 – 2019– Daniel Mihai Pantazi

 Author: Daniel Mihai Pantazi
 Vol. 5 • No. 9 • November 2020


The present research aimed to identify the extent to which the price is the main motivation to buy general insurance in Romania in the period 2014 - 2019. The achieved results have partially confirmed our hypothesis and lead to a series of interesting conclusions with direct applicability in the insurance market and more. Additionally the application initiative of the Howarth Sheth model for the Romanian insurance market represents a novel component, that can lead to developing some specific consumption choice analysis tools.

Keywords: consumer behavior, purchasing motivation, general insurances, RCA, psychological factors, price, marketing mix

JEL Classification:: D12, P36, G52, G22.